Kaion Tale Wiki

In the town you will see this position called "Grand Exchange". Where you can buy or sell game items between players

Holding down the key to perform basic attacks we will access and we will see the following window


How to buy[]

Once we click on BUY we will see the following window with the different objects that we can buy

sets / weapons[]

Let's see for example how to buy in the sets section


Then we continue selecting ARMOR or WEAPON, where we can search for TIER and MAGIC LEVEL

In my case I want to buy a tier 3 and legendary level armor. Then we press the SEARCH ITEM button


You will see the following window where you can sort the different armor by PRICE or LEVEL and if there is more than one page you can scroll by touching the arrows on PAGE


I select the armor that I want to buy and the following window will appear to confirm the purchase


I touch YES if I want to buy and NO if I don't want to buy.

Once the armor is purchased it will go into my inventory. In case of not having space, they will not be able to buy the object and they will have to make room in their inventory.

The money for the seller, will go to the stash of his bank.


In this section you will find profession objects and you will see the following window and can be searched only by PRICE



Change shape according to MAGIC LEVEL


TIER 1: They are bronze

TIER 2: They are silver

TIER 3: They are gold


TIER 1: They are blue

TIER 2: They are green

TIER 3: They are red

  • GEM:

TIER 1: They are yellow

TIER 2: They are green

TIER 3: They are red


These consumables are ordered only by PRICE



In this section the KEYS are sold and ordered by PRICE



In this section you can buy the DYES that are used to add to a legendary item and it becomes a seasson item (according to the dye, which can be 2 and 3) and changes the appearance of the item and adds an aura that progresses according to the quantity of item that you better. Searchable by PRICE


In this section you can buy the PETS. Searchable by PRICE


In this section you can buy the essences that can be searched by PRICE or LEVEL


How to sell[]

If you touch the SELL button you will see the following window


And you should create your sale by touching CREATE AUCTION. Once you have done it, the following window will open. Where in this example we will sell the armor that we bought previously


DISCLAIMER: the publication lasts 14 days, not 7 days

The cost to publish is 125 gold

Then you must enter the value you want to put in this case the armor and the following window will open to enter the value


Once you have done all this, you must click on the PUBLISH ITEM button


Congratulations, your item is published and can be purchased by other players! : D

To see your publication you can go to the other section which is MY AUCTIONS and you will be able to see your published object, in addition to how many days you have left for your publication (remember that after 14 days this publication expires and you will have to renew it, with which you will have to pay 125 gold again)


expired object[]

When the 14 days of publication have passed, you will see your object published with a padlock and disabled as you can see in that staff and the gloves



You must touch it and remove it to do the publication process again. If you do not have space in the inventory you will not be able to withdraw it