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Por ZeusBR (S.A.) 12/JUL/2020.

Legendas: Melhorar legibilidade de UI, nomes, dano, cura. Aumentar o tamanho de fonte, inserir box shadow atrás dos nomes.

Mapa: Mapa global, e mapa local do mundo externo.

Contatos: Lista de contatos, amigos e melhores amigos.

Equipe: Possibilidade de formar equipe com 6 jogadores. Exibindo pontos de localização no mapa e mapa global. Exibindo classe e vida de cada integrante no canto de tela.

Facções e comércio: Criar um centro comercial pacífico onde as facções possam negociar facilmente.

Banco: Permitir depósito de gold. Essa deveria ser a função primária de um banco.

Descrição de itens: Adicionar entre parêntese no canto superior da descrição do item a soma total dos atributos do item (39 stts).

Unificar compras de conta: Os emoticons comprados num char agora pertencem a conta, estando disponível em todos seus characters. Como a expansão de banco.

Atualizações: Agilizar nas atualizações básicas, como contatos, legendas, mapa, expansão tier 4. Antes que o jogo perca credibilidade e popularidade. (Sou designer gráfico posso contribuir com algo?)

By SirWilliam[]
  • A Mini Map would be nice(with ability to enlarge the map)
  • Adding friends and Friends List and an option to see if they are online or not.
  • Open pvp with penalities like dropping item or a percentage of a players gold if killed.
  • Outfits or costumes(Which have loot drops like if a costume is equipped that specific costume will give a increased percentage or chance to drop gold,items)
  • Guilds,Guild wars
  • Daily Quests(like killing a certain number of monster etc)
  • Some kind of mailing system(offline as well as online)
  • The ability to return home/city without having the need to die or travel all the way back.
  • Secret dungeons or areas with treasures and loot(this would increase exploring)
  • Limited Time Events (where u can win high tier items or gold)like monopoly,slot machine etc..
By TypicalGamer101[]
  • Ultimate Skills:
    • Knight: Knight's Redemption - reflect % of damage back. This helps people who actually wants to tank but lacks the damage in return.
    • Archer: Paralysis Arrow - 1 second stun. For archers to get away.
    • Paladin: Embraced Protection - % shield. To protect teammates while heal is on cool down.
    • Warrior: Whirlwhim - A spinning dash. Need as a gap closer. Or will never have chance to catch any range characters.
    • Lancer: Lancer's Fury - Since lancer seem to do more liner attacks instead of cone. Make him fire 3 spears in a line.
    • Necromancer: Summon Ancestral Warrior- Summons a Golem with .5 second stun.
By NekoShowTheClaw[]
  • Guilds with purchases by gold (cause I'm using gold for nothing and I would like to use it).
    • Guilds start with 10 players max. Upgrading it each time, increases max players by 5 (10, 15, 20... till 50).
    • Exp bonus for all the members (between +5% and +10%) during a week. This mean it must be purchased weekly to keep it always active.
    • Guild flag, icons and other customizations also purchased by gold.
    • As a sum up: MAKE GOLD GREAT AGAIN!!!!
  • Seasonal Events:
    • Programmed with the server hour: Events that can remain active 2 or 3 weeks.
    • Examples:
      • Saint Valentine's day:
        • Buyable ring in blacksmiths (Tier 1 and Tier 2): Its category and stats are only determinated when it gets traded to another player.
      • Saint Patrick's day:
        • Monsters will drop a leprechaum coin with low probability which will be in your inventory during 10 minutes, after this time it will vanish. Sell it as soon as possible by 100G in any blacksmith.
      • Easter:
  • Daily Quests( 1 per day, random):
    • They give exp and gold extra (To Be Determinated).
    • They will consist in collecting quest items dropped from monsters with 10% probability.
    • Example: "Collect 5 frozen rocks from the golems" Rewards: 80 gold 5000 exp (1 Golem gives 9500 exp so it's just an extra).
By Alexit0o13[]
  • Monsters can drop gold
  • Weekend events:
    • Every weekend there is an event. Examples:
      • More exp
      • More gold from monsters
      • More drops
      • Better items in blacksmith
  • Pets:
    • Bringing a pet and improving it by leveling up battling or feeding it, you could also equip items.
    • Pet skill added into the game. Higher the skill, the better the pet that can be used. (By SquibbleBeeBoop)
  • Mount:
    • To advance faster than someone walking. Examples:
      • Low / Slow mounts:
        • Cow
        • Dog
        • Pig
        • Elephant
        • Ladybug
      • Middle mounts:
        • Fox
        • Bear
        • Horse
        • Squirrel
      • Rare / Fast mounts:
        • Rhino
        • Velociraptor
        • Saber tooth
        • Dragon
      • Legendary / Events mounts:
        • Unicorn (Saint Valentine's Day)
        • Cerberus (Halloween's Day)
        • Robot
By Euler[]
  • Guild wars with rewards for the winners.
By Inck[]
  • Classes: Addition of mage (draxian), sorcerer (naru), etc.
  • Share the program used to create the tiles map. The players will be able to create their own maps and they will be played by other players thanks to the steam workshop tool.
  • Cities for each map (lv30-40, lv40-50 and lv50-60).
By SquibbleBeeBoop[]
  • PVP Ideas
    • Add in PvP gear that can be purchased by spending a large amount of PvP points. Not that many people actively do PvP right now and this would give an incentive for them to start once they hit lvl 30 or have okay items.
By DarkNova[]
  • Trading House
    • A place where you will be able to buy/sell items from players.
    • There will be an interactuable NPC with 2 tags (Buy and Sell).
    • In the Sell Tag, Any player can put on sale an item specificating a price during 12 hours or 24 hours.
    • If the sale time of an item run out, the unsold items will return to the player who put it on sale.
    • The rest of players will be able to see, in the Buy Tag, which items are being sold.
    • The capacity of the trading house will be determinated depending on how much is it used by the players once it is implemented (A scroll movement similar to the character selection screen will be great here).
    • It can also have a browser with filters to select the category, Tier and the type of item that the player is looking for. For Example (Legendary Tier2 Gloves) will display all the Legendary Tier2 Gloves which are being sold.

By Yiselita[]

  • Extending the plan till lv 70-80 instead of 60.
  • Honor system, which can be used for stuff later on.
  • Tier 3 item shop (also the upcoming tier 4)
  • auction house
  • any way to fasten movement speed e.g:
    • mounts
    • teleport scrolls
  • events