Kaion Tale Wiki
  • You can enchant all equipment items. But, you can only enchant each item once.

types of Critical Stones[]

There are four types of critical stones, that gives differents properties to the item enchanted:

3b59da18-dc62-479b-baf9-b6a821d3fb9e.jpg + 3% CRITICAL POWER DAMAGE

0621d7fa-5212-4d0b-8bee-18561bf0e9f5.jpg + 3% CRITICAL POWER HEAL

46563f65-da12-4c3b-95a3-f0c913323698.jpg + 0.5% CRITICAL CHANCE HEAL

F041f3e7-4dc7-472c-adf9-0fade25fd360.jpg + 0.5% CRITICAL CHANCE DAMAGE

IMPORTANT: Critical Stones only work on Tier3, Legendary, or Epic items.

How to create[]

To create a critical stones, you need four different essences items in level 10. See crafting formula to know how to create it. Also, you can change the critical stone with the random crafting formula.