Kaion Tale Wiki

Draxian and Naru have been enemies since the early ages.

In the beginning, the Kaion ruled the world. This proud civilization was once the center of the world. In those times Draxian and Naru were only small primate creatures with lesser intelligence that habituated what is now the forest of Magul.

The Kaion was a very advanced civilization, based on proud and intellect. These individuals were very religious and workshiped their gods daily.

At one point, a small group of Kaion workshipers, leaded by Silmano a very important Kaion priest, began to secretly worship the Demoniac. In exchange for power they were forced to do terrible things. Silmano and his group became obsessed with power until the point they were fully converted in the First Demoniacs. A war was unleashed between the Kaion and the First Demoniacs that lead to the end of the Kaion civilization in what is known as the Fall of Kaion.

It was the last effort of the Kaion to transfer their knowledge. In their last moments, during the demoniac invasion, High Bishop Kain created a vast spell that blasted the whole city of Kaion, killing everyone of them and the Demoniacs too. It was Kaion's last breath that gave birth to the Draxian's and Naru's intelligence. Since that moment Draxian and Naru gained their intelligence and were no longer primate creatures.

Since the Fall of Kaion Draxian and Naru stopped living together. As they learned more everyday, they started having their differences and broke apart.

The Draxian estabilshed near the ruins of Kaion in what it is known now a days as Drezia while the Naru stayed in Magul, after many years Naru decided to migrate to more suitable lands in what it is today Navisco.

The Demoniac essence was never destroyed, since the Fall of Kaion it has been regaining strength and is now threading both Draxian and Naru. In attempts to combat the Demoniac, Draxians and Naru have again entered in war with each other.

The Draxian stand for order and justice, while the Naru want to preserve nature and the balance in the world. These two civilizations are now at war, but still, share a common enemy, The Demoniac.

After the Fall of Kaion and the end of the Kaion civilization, some individuals survived in the form of spirits. This is the case of Khael, a brave Kaion knight, who's spirit reincarnated as the Guardian of the Dark Templars. Khael and the Dark Templars are based in a secret cave in Neverwinter.