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The Mining is one of the four Professions. Mining allows the crafting of different medals and emblems using previously mined mineral ores.The mining profession is introduced by the Miners of Raknar.

Mining is one of the four optional professions. You can be on the profession talking with the NPC called Minig. Can be found on Aiorum, Magul, Drezia or Navisco. Stone can be used to upgrade weapons or other Stone. Stone are tradeable and everyone can use them if you have the required level.

One of the professions that will help you in the beginning of the adventure.


You can find the minerals on the ground scattered throughout the map, you will have to collect it and then go to the NPC of your profession that is in the city and you must level up your profession to continue advancing in the improvement of your equipment as it classified in Tier I, Tier II, Tier III.


Gems are divided by tiers, subdivided also on upgradings, from gem level 1 to level 15 is Tier 1, from level 20 to 37 tier 2, and from 41 to 60 Tier 3.



Mining uses different mineral ores to produce different items.

Manufacturers related to mining most of the time combine four elements of inferior quality to make one that can enchant helmets and armors of higher rarity except for those that allow improvements to legendary objects where objects are needed to improve the legendary of the previous level.

Here is a schematic of the possible manufacturing:

It improves chest and helmet and has a crafting that only that profession can do that is the improvement of a pet.