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The Naru Necromancer is one of the playable classes. It is focused on melee combat and summoning.


The Naru Necromancer is the spiritual guide of his tribe. They have found a path in the spiritual realm. These voracious spellcasters summon past tribal heros to fight beside them and are experts sorcerers that can destroy anyone who stands in their way. The most important Necromancer is Malgur, who is King Mango's most trusted advisor and head Necromancer of the Naru tribe.


The Naru Necromancer has a combat style specialized in wearing down and overwhelming opponents. He can use melee combat to poison and stab his enemies, and he can summon minions to assist him at mid-range. He is a very versatile class and his minions can be very useful in high level parties.

The minions provide adittional damage in battle, including a range attack, plus a continuous healing ability with an Area Of Effect (AOE). The Ancestral Golem increases the AOE of your attacks, and provides burn damage to enemies and a mini-stun for each hit.

The AOE for attacks and continuous healing make the Necromancer the best class for PvE combat in the game. However, the lack of a strong range attack and average moving speed make the Necromancer the worst class for 1v1 PvP combat. His usefulness in PvP increases the larger the battle, due his AOE healing ability.

The minions invoked can be use to block attacks in PvP from opposing range units like the Archer and the Sorcerer. This strategy is specially powerfull when used in conjucture with other Necromancers. The minions cannot block range attacks in PvE as the monsters automatically select the Necromancer for their attacks.


Starting stats for the Naru Necromancer are listed below:

Starting Stats
Necromancer Health Points Base Damage Attack Speed (seconds)
11 0.1


The Necromancer's abilities are very different and offer many distinct play styles.

Dagger Attack[]

Stabs enemies with your poisoned dagger

DMG: 11 + 0.2 * PP * 11 // CD: 2.0 // RADIUS: 12 // POISON: .hits=3 .int=1s .dmg=1+ 0.2 * PP * 1

Dagger Attack
Stabs enemies with your poisoned dagger

Elder Invocation[]

Summon an elder spirit Nuzgal that comes to heal you.

Nuzgal has HP equal to HP: 0.8 * MaxHP

HEAL: 9 + 0.2 * PP * 9 // CD: 1.7 // RADIUS: 20

Elder Invocation
Call an elder spirit Nuzgal to help you

Ancient Spirits[]

Summon 2 ancient spirits to aid you Nizgul (melee) and Nazgul (range).

Nizgul has HP equal to HP: 0.8 * MaxHP

DMG: 6 + 0.2 * PP * 6 // CD: 1.7 // RADIUS: 12 // SLOW: .succ=35% .dur=1.5s .perc=55%

Nazgul has HP equal to HP: 0.6 * MaxHP.

DMG: 8 + 0.2 * PP * 8 // CD: 1.7

Ancient Spirits
Summon 2 ancient spirits to aid you

Ancestral Golem[]

Transform into an ancient golem dealing AOE damage and stun nearby enemies

DMG: 20 + 0.2 * PP * 20 // CD: 2.0 // RADIUS: 20 // BURN: .hits=3 .int=1s .dmg=5+ 0.2 * PP * 5 // TRANSF: .dur=15 // STUN: .succ=100% .dur=1s // CD TRANS.: 45

Ancestral Golem
Transform into an ancient golem dealing AOE damage and stun nearby enemies