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Potions are items that change your character's appearance or size. some can give special skills.

Potions will be dropped by bosses in the future.

Currently, there are 2 types of potion: those that change the character's appearance and those that change the character's size.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[edit | edit source]

Transformation potions

Potion kurama.pngKURAMA.pngKurama

Potion hopi.pngHOPI.pngHopi

Potion skeleton.pngESQUELETO.pngSKELETON

Potions that change their size.

Potion increase size.pngdecrease size

Potion decrease size.pngincrease size

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________[edit | edit source]

Special potions

Potion kaion.pngPotion Kaion, Give you a buff