Kaion Tale Wiki

Bless Battles[]

This mode features 3 vs 3 battles. Each team has to conquer the enemy castle. They can obtain points by slaying monsters or enemy players.

This mode is not yet published, it is under development.

Arena PVP[]

Arena PVP is divided in 3 main rating brackets: 0-500, 501-1500, 1500+. Players are matched within the same bracket.

Each match changes the players rating, if the player wins the rating goes up, if the player loses the rating goes down. The ammount of rating gained/lost is determined by the player's rating and the enemy's rating. In lower brackets, players do not lose rating, or lose a reduced %.

Open World PVP[]

There are no rules for open world pvp, every encounter is unique. Even monsters can also interact during the encounter. There are no protections and any player can kill an enemy player, regardless their rating, level and item set.