Kaion Tale Wiki

What is?[]

The Referral System consist in invite your friends to play Kaion Tale, get points and change for awesome rewards. Also your friend get rewarded with cristals in the creation of the account.

How to get ponts for referral?[]

Invite you Friend to come to play Kaion Tale, and both will get rewarded.

For the process of friend invited, you get points that unlock awesome rewards, and your Friend get rewarded with 10 crystals in the creation of the account.

IMPORTANT: it only works with each account created, not with each character created.

  • Open the Friend list and press the Referral button (Green button).

  • When you open the Referral options, you will see on the screen a list of your referred friends with the points earned by each of them.
  • If you want to share your referral link, you have to press the "Share Link" button (green button) and your link will automatically be copied to the clipboard. Then share your link with your friends.
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    Once your friend has your link, he navigate with it and register with his email. The following image is the website open with the share link to register as referral. IMPORTANT: Register as referral only works for Android for the moment.
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  • When your friend creates his account in the game, he will start with a reward of 10 crystals for the referral system.
  • If you press the "rewards" button, you will see a list of rewards that you can claim with referral points.


List of referral points[]

This is the list of points that you can get per friend.

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